Release Notes 6.4.1

See below for the detailed notes for 6.4.1. Customers head over to the Indeni Forum within Indeni Crowd to join the conversation around these capabilities. Need the latest build? Download Indeni.

Platform new features:

  • IS-3394 – Auto labels – devices will start to get system labels automatically (system-all, system-checkpoint,system-f5, etc.)
  • FRONT-1222 – Users management – new UI
  • FRONT-1225 – LDAP integration – new UI
  • FRONT-1233  – add LDAP size limit and search filter when fetching groups
  • FRONT-1092 – LDAP selected groups are displayed in the GUI

Platform features Bug Fixes

  • IS-3306 – need to provide the customer with backup failure reason
  • IS-3386 – Fail to communicate issue when restarting the collector

Knowledge New Features

Cisco Nexus

  • IKP-1500 Added Configuration backup support.


  • IKP-1501 Added Configuration Backup support.

Palo Alto Networks

  • IS-3205 – New rule for PAN – Network port(s) down issue for passive HA scenario
  • IKP-1560 Added best practice rule to ensure Palo Alto Networks firewalls have at least two drives.
  • IKP-1827 Modified the “debug mode enabled” rule to include a table with a list of debug commands and purpose.

Knowledge Bug Fixes/Improvements

Check Point

  • IKP-1492 Added sorting to the “cphaconf-show_bond” script.
  • IKP-1644 Clarified the “High memory usage” issue.

Cisco Nexus

  • IKP-1489 Improved the remediation step for the “Network Element Down” rule specifically for the fiber optic transceiver went down scenario.
  • IKP-1623 Marked Nexus 9500 series switch as chassis.


  • IKP-1732 Fixed the “Default Port Lockdown” broken link.
  • IKP-1743 Bash shell is required for the scripts to run. Failed the interrogation script if the device was not using bash shell.

Juniper SRX

  • IKP-1484 Fixed the remediation steps.

Palo Alto Networks

  • IKP-1240 Fixed the “network port(s) down” issue to account for passive High Availability scenario.
  • IKP-1915 Fixed the “debug off” false positive issue.
  • IKP-1916 Fixed the Panorama false positive issue due to invalid syntax.

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