Release Notes 6.4.3

See below for the detailed notes for 6.4.3. Customers head over to the Indeni Forum within Indeni Crowd to join the conversation around these capabilities. Need the latest build? Download Indeni.


Bug fix:

  • IS-3417 – [RuleEngine] custom rule didn’t notify on ‘high_per_core_cpu_use_by_device’ for CheckPoint devices


New features:

  • IS-2824 – Add rule cooldown feature – Allow rules to say “I want to notify the user only after X minutes/hours of a situation being problematic, and close the issue only after Y minutes/hours of the situation being okay”
  • IS-3414 – Support Ldap groups in smtp integration
  • IS-3424 – Analysis Graph: Add Metrics for PAN SSL Decryption Session
  • FRONT-326 – Auto focus on newly created rule
  • FRONT-1228 – Deletions should require confirmation
  • FRONT-663 – Allow selection of a range using the SHIFT key
  • FRONT-1251 – LDAP – integration – add email and severities setting for group
  • FRONT-1253 – Indeni logo should redirect to homepage
  • FRONT-1262 – Custom dashboard – change flow, remove redundant screen
  • FRONT-1278 – Custom dashboard – Add resolved / unresolved issues to widget config
  • FRONT-1271 – Setting Page – implement a system settings page
  • FRONT-1276 – Login – LDAP user friendly error message
  • DEVOPS-75 – support Cold Standby High Availability (HA) DONE
  • DEVOPS-43 – Support for generating and installing certificates for node.js DONE

Bug fixes:

  • IS-3179 – “Requested history is too long, Max length is 1 hours.” errors reported
  • IS-3287 – Alerts not resolved after deleted the rule configuration
  • Backup improvements:
    • IS-3306 – need to provide the customer with backup failure reason
    • IS-3373 – “file” is written to “content/files” instead of “content/files/active”
    • IS-3397 – when adding a device / label to a backup configuration without editing the schedule, backup is not executed on added devices / labels
    • IS-3468 – Pending device return error before the backup process finished.
  • IS-3377 – “Device not Responding” (DNR) must be delayed in order to reduce noise
  • FRONT-1035 – Alert Export – change the format of date to make it compatible with Excel
  • FRONT-1055 – Single quotes in the issue header are causing an error that fails to display the issue
  • FRONT-1255 – Remove envelope icon from the UI as it doesn’t do anything
  • LDAP integration improvements:
    • FRONT-1299 – LDAP user with read-only permissions allowed to see groups.
    • FRONT-1301 – LDAP users able to connect even if he is not associate to any groups
    • FRONT-1314 – Allowed to create user with using only with space bar.
    • FRONT-1343 – Error 500 while adding or deleting user
    • FRONT-1345 – LDAP user role not changed.
    • FRONT-1300 – LDAP – user – add indication that user is LDAP User in UI
  • FRONT-1349 – Latest GUI release is using a font that is almost unreadable on a windows PC

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