Release Notes 6.4.6

See below for the detailed notes for 6.4.6. Customers head over to the Indeni Forum within Indeni Crowd to join the conversation around these capabilities. Need the latest build? Download Indeni.

In this version we include a new feature, custom reports.

Custom Report lets you create reports where you choose which dimensions should be displayed. This gives you insights into the health posture of your security infrastructure. You can schedule your reports to be sent daily, weekly or monthly to your stakeholders. Want to learn more? Read custom report blog post


New features and Improvements

  • [FRONT-1033] – Gain insight into device health posture
  • [FRONT-1250] – Alert Export – limited to 3000 and no way to get all issues (Current & Archived)
  • [FRONT-1283] – Show when the next backup schedule to run
  • [FRONT-1392] – LDAP – change SAVE button location
  • [FRONT-1410] – LDAP selected groups should be disable while credentials is wrong.
  • [FRONT-1465] – Add browser support version message
  • [FRONT-1467] – System-all label by default instead of all devices
  • [FRONT-1469] – Disable schedule button if SMTP isn’t configured
  • [IS-3378] – VPN Tunnel Down – add the name of the VPN endpoint
  • [IS-3488] – Prevent Collector to start if another collector process is up
  • [IS-3581] – Process to zip existing backups (server side)
  • [IS-2790] – SNMP – missing Status Update message when an alert is resolved
  • [IS-3484] – Email notification should send ONE email with all contact in BCC
  • [IS-3487] – VS CPU usage – add to analysis graph
  • [IS-3522] – Generate a specific fail message for backup with no devices
  • [IS-3579] – Move SSH log prints containing actual content to TRACE

Bug fixes

  • LDAP integration bug fixes:
    • [FRONT-1234] – LDAP user email exist at UI after delete from AD
    • [FRONT-1327] – Group despair while pressing on it.
    • [FRONT-1344] – sync LDAP data – Run externalUserAsync directly from crontab
    • [FRONT-1354] – While skipping between Users & Groups pages the page not refreshed.
    • [FRONT-1386] – Changing from read only to admin is not changing the role.
    • [FRONT-1390] – Cannot Change local Admin Password
    • [FRONT-1395] – Default user can not be updated
    • [FRONT-1229] – Users – password entry should have a verification field (i.e. double entry)
  • Device backup bug fixes:
    • [FRONT-1288] – Backup screen stuck while deleting the configuration.
    • [FRONT-1291] – Device backup screen show backup failure when there is no device to backup
    • [FRONT-1294] – Failed device don’t return error message at the UI.
    • [FRONT-1323] – Backup usability issues no way for users to know the time zone of backup schedule
    • [FRONT-1206] – Weekly backup allowed to save with no choosing days
    • [IS-3548] – BACKUP – SSH timeout after 10 minutes with “content-job-timeout” : “30 minutes”
    • [IS-3552] – Backup schedule shows wrong IDT time.
  • Knowledge bug fixes:
    • [IS-3467] – PAN: Interesting Logs Rule Disabled
    • [IS-3470] – “grep xxx /config/active” occasionally missing the last line of output
    • [IS-3521] – PAN – indeni leaving a large number of SSH sessions open on the device
    • [IS-3604] – BACKUP – content-job-timeout must be changed to at least 30 minutes
  • [FRONT-1057] – ‘Devices screen’ shows indeni server as a device
  • [FRONT-1328] – Application settings starts with error
  • [FRONT-1367] – Font issue between new and old application screens
  • [FRONT-1437] – “Redundant Items” headline value from compliance alert bleeds into other alerts.
  • [IS-3639] – Suspended Device is showing “Unable to collect Memory/CPU usage for 15 minutes” while collecting metrics

BlueCat acquires Indeni to boost its industry-leading DNS, DHCP and IP address management platform to help customers proactively assess network health and prevent outages.