Locally Installed. Globally Intelligent.

Indeni connects out-of-the-box to your devices and correlates metrics, configurations, and logs to identify abnormalities. With Indeni Insight enabled, your data is compared to Indeni’s global customer base, prioritizing results, and filtering white noise. If that wasn’t enough, alerts are sent to your Indeni dashboard with human readable instructions for how to resolve.

Locally Installed

  • Deployed on a physical or virtual machine
  • Add devices in minutes via API and SSH
  • Easily set up thresholds and rules to alert against
  • Integrate to email clients and ticketing systems such as ServiceNow

Global Intelligence

  • Data collected from customer environments is sanitized of IP addresses & confidential data
  • Knowledge is collected from experts across the globe
  • Scripts and remediation steps goes through QA process before being added to our cloud
  • Need a custom script or alert? Quickly build yourself using Indeni Knowledge Language (IKL)